Are you looking to rent a sailboat abroad? Throughout the world, the website can offer you a wide choice of motor boats and sailboats, monohull or cruising catamaran, for departures in the heart of the most beautiful spots of navigation of our planet.

Rent a boat is a good opportunity to enjoy times

Boat rental has the advantage of addressing all types of trips on the water and all types of people. The boat is also considered a place where you can sleep and eat at home. The living boats are also fashionable now, including sailboats. It is a great idea to go sailing with others in peace.

Why this service?

The site allows you to rent from our privileged partners in Atlantic and Mediterranean and operators around the world, selected for their offer, quality of service and professionalism. You benefit from the quality of service: a personalized follow-up in French, a single and available interlocutor, a particular attention during all the duration of your hiring. They search for you among more than 10000 boats, of any size, with or without crews, in the most beautiful spots of sail, diving or idleness of the world.

Lease insurance and risks

In France or abroad, pay attention to some nasty surprises that may occur, such as the price of fuel or speeding in regulated areas.

To protect yourself, the solution is to take out suitable travel insurance. Considering the boat as a "home" in the same way as a holiday home, the renting of a boat can be covered by insurance if the stay is similar to a vacation rental.

So, the large water areas, wild coasts or charming ports are all assets that make a trip a few days by boat is nice. So, if you're aiming for a stranger, opt for a dream holiday at the edge of a rental boat.