Nowadays boatong is a very popular activity, which appeal more and more enthusiasts each year: indeed you are always more being seized by a passion for boating, therefore the sales have literally boomed during these last years, and the cost of a place in any harbour has suddenly risen. Simultaneously, the offer of first-hand and second-hand boats for sale has highly increased: indeed, from now on it is possible to find any kind of boat, affordable to every wish and every budget. And if you intend to buy a boat or if you already are a passionate owner, please do not hesitate to come to discover our blog!

Boating blog

As a sailing enthusiast, our professional team wanted to create a blog just like her, to gather the whole community of the web. So we invite you to discover our blog which is specialized of catamaran: you will find all the news about boating and sailing, some classified ads to buy or rent a boat, some tips and tricks to fix your boat by yourself and the weather forecast as well, that we update in real time. You will also be able to exchange via our online forum: you will chat with thousands of other sailing enthusiasts, and you will be allowed to share your advice and your experience. Moreover, as specialists of catamaran, we offer you an entirely dedicated section: you will find all the information about catamaran, and the special news as well. We also provide you some practical information, like the list of the best graded repairers, the best places to buy a catamaran and the harbours where you will be able to moor this kind of boat.


A catamaran is a sailboat which is made of two hulls, linked each other by a metallic framework and a very tough net. This kind of boat, which comes from India, le very popular among the fishermen from the Pacific Ocean. It is also very used by the sailors: indeed, its very thin hulls enable it to gather speed.